This book was written in 1960s. Granted, the mythology is quite old, so that fact shouldn’t matter. However, the language used to describe Africans is clearly from that decade. Parrinder was born in 1910. You’ve been warned.

I like the idea of having a book about African mythology. In the Western world, we are surrounded by Greek and Roman mythology, but don’t have access to much else. That said, I’m only ho-hum about this attempt.

There is some African art interspersed among the stories, which is nice to look at, but there are still too many words on a page, and the format doesn’t break things up well enough. Parrinder moves from region to region with barely a paragraph break, so the stories themselves seem to weave together and it’s easy to lose interest. Perhaps that’s just my 21st century attention span, but here we are.

Rating = 2



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