I don’t know why this book isn’t sitting proudly in the Mystery section because it has all the requisite intrigue and suspense needed to keep me turning the page when I should be sleeping instead.

An African Affair made me a bit nervous at first, just due to the title. I thought I’d put all the “affair” titles aside, but I was happy to find out my nervousness was unfounded.  This book takes place in modern day Nigeria. Mostly focused on the life of an American journalist, it exposes some of the struggles in trying to find balance while surrounded by a military dictatorship, a national coup, NATO governmental oil interests, CIA investigations, and last but not least, romance.

Nina Darnton was a journalist living in Africa for a number of years, so there is nothing but realism in her writing about the lifestyles and struggles of just adjusting to daily life.  Having to bribe people left and right just to be able to go about your own business. It’s all so very real until we get to the romantic aspect of things.  I definitely wouldn’t call this smut in the least, but every time she switches to the relationship, it truly is like a light switch, and the realism is just shoved to the side. The dialogue and action both get really cliche and unrealistic.  I found myself scanning ahead to get myself away from the discomfort.  It reminded me of when teenagers are trying to be romantic by reciting the things they’ve heard in cheap film and TV shows.

All that aside, I found it very engaging, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone for casual reading.

Rating = 4


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