This book is 7.5 lbs!

I’ve never given much thought to African art because so much of it is ancient and fragmentary. I tend to be more attracted to art that is complete. I don’t know if it’s partially due to the sadness of what is irretrievably lost or if I just have difficulty imagining what isn’t there.

I can appreciate this book because it doesn’t try to make itself compact. It is enormous, but so is Africa! Nothing can replace viewing art in person, but each photo is as descriptive as possible, indicating the dimensions of the object, where it is originally from (if known) and what collection it resides in. I can’t say I’m an art expert now, but I’m glad I managed to learn a few things, like how ubiquitous head rests were in Africa. Think wooden pre-pillows. Look it up.

I also have to laugh because one of my coworkers gasped when she saw this because she remembers having to read it in college. Let me tell you, if I had to carry this thing around in a backpack, I would drop that class.

Rating = 3


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