As promised, here is another installment in affordable DIY home improvement. It is by the same authors as the last book – Steve Cory and Diana Slavik – so the layout is very similar. It first goes through the types of kitchen upgrades you can expect to be able to do yourself on a budget, then proceeds to different parts of the kitchen and multiple step-by-step instructions on how to implement each change. My favorite bit came early when they explain how important it is to start with the biggest eye-sore and reevaluate the rest of the upgrade after you’ve had time to live with the first change and decide what you want next.

“..don’t get upset if things take longer than you expected.  If in the middle of work you or your spouse are suddenly disappointed with a color or other design choice, take a deep breath brew up some coffee and make a leisurely decision.”

True words. Kitchen updates are notorious for causing homeowners to change their minds several times in the middle of the project, and many of the decisions are made quickly because something went wrong. But slow deliberate choices help make it a change you will be happy to live with.

Rating = 3


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