Every once in a while I get stuck on one word for a while, and all my library books are similar.  Welcome to “affordable.”  We’ll be doing DIY remodels for a while, so sit tight.

Creative Homeowner is a publishing company specializing in home improvement.  I was a little worried that this particular book on bathrooms would be a bit outdated, since it was written in 2012. After all, decorating trends change so fast it’s impossible to really keep up. Plus the book cover features more than one example of green glass. *ugh* Thankfully, the content focuses much more on the “affordable” concept than particular trends.  I didn’t find anything in here that made me cringe.

As you would expect, the pages are loaded with photos; and while there are some step-by-step instructions for each project, it’s more of a tool to help you think creatively about what you could do with what little space (and money) you have to work with. Everything from paint color ideas to how to refinish a tub.

Since the book is aimed at your average Johnny Q. Homeowner, it includes handy tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and even ways to tell when it might be better to call in a professional. The only thing that made me go “Wuhhh??” was when they said that the glossier the paint, the more it shows imperfections. I definitely jotted down some ideas though, and will be revisiting them when I eventually get around to my bathrooms.  Right now they are quite far down the list of renovation priorities.

Rating = 3


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