Before anyone starts an internet battle over which translation is the best, let me just say that today I don’t care. I didn’t bother checking any resources to find who is the best. I just grabbed what was available. Also, I think it must be a rule that books about Rome should be bound in a blood red cover (see previous post The Advocate).

The Aeneid is one of those books that tends to sit on people’s shelves unread forever, so I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve never read it either. It’s epic (rimshot)!

The story follows the life of Aeneis after Troy is defeated. The leftover Trojans travel to Italy to set up a new life and eventually found the Roman Empire.  Like most accounts from the era, it is part historical, part mythological.  You get some familiar stories like Dido and Aeneas, theTrojan horse, Harpies, Cyclops, the Underworld, etc.  If there is such a genre as action poetry, this is it.  Most of the poem consists of play-by-plays of various battles.  It is engaging, but I wouldn’t necessarily give is “must read” status.

Rating = 3


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