I have conflicting emotions about this book. On the surface, it’s just a collection of cliche little inspirational phrases to encourage yourself to follow your heart and be “in the moment”. Each page is a single huge font quotation and it took me less than 5 minutes to get cover to cover.

But this is why reading forwards and afterwards can be important. Susan O’Malley collected quotes from all sorts of strangers of different ages and asked them them same question. If you could travel in time and ask your 80-year-old self for advice, what would she say? The dedication is “To Tim, Today, until we’re 80, and then some.”

Well unfortunately, O’Malley died at the age of 38, right before this book was published. I would like to hang on to the romantic notion that this project of hers provided her with some sort of last minute wisdom and closure, but I simply cannot make more out of it than is there on the pages.

Nowhere in this book is something I haven’t heard before. I don’t know who would actually purchase it, considering it’s such a short read. I guess I just don’t understand what value it brings to the world in this format.

Rating = 2


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