Any time I tell someone about my reading plan, I inevitably get the same questions thrown back at me. To save your brain from all that stress, here’s a quick run-down of some of the answers.

Q: When you move to a new city, do you have start over at the beginning of the alphabet?
A: No! I pick up where I left off.

Q: What happens when the library buys a new book in a part of the alphabet you’ve already covered? Do you go back and read it?
A: No. Books are being cycled in and out of the library. I don’t have the energy to keep track just in case I miss one. This is meant to be a fun adventure!

Q: Wait! You read EVERY book?
A: Ok, so not every book. I’m not covering children’s or young adult literature. I’m also not going to read reference books. I mostly limit myself to adult fiction and non-fiction. Also, I reserve the right to put the book down if I find it offensive or INCREDIBLY dull. My game. My rules.

Q: Will you ever finish?
A: At the rate I’m going, no. Unless I move to a town with a tiny library, there just isn’t a possibility of that.


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